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What is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)?

Cognitive behavioural Coaching (CBC) is aimed a non clinical population. Broadly, coaching is

about helping individuals to work towards achieving and functioning at their best. Essentially

it is about assisting people in identifying their hidden skills and resources and realising these

to their full potential in order that whatever they desire in life may be possible to attain to.


As in CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a brief and goal oriented approach that is

focused on the here and now. Primarily, the aim of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

is to help individuals gain an awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop

action plans for change. CBC is an approach to problem solving that is based on the application

of CBT principles in working with non - clinical populations.


As in CBT, in CBC the coach and the client work together through a collaborative process. 

The coach is using guided discovery and solution focus techniques that help individuals to

reach an understanding of their problems and strive to find their own conclusions and arrive

at problem solving and solutions.


Ruth Cohen was trained in coaching and she has been adapting and applying her extensive

CBT experience, knowledge and skills in coaching clients to make life adjustments, achieve

improved quality of life, enhance performance and functioning achieve happiness and

well-being and flourish. In her coaching she is using Cognitive Behavioura l Coaching (CBC)

and solution focus approaches.

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