Metamorphosis Psychological Consultancy
MetamorphosisPsychological Consultancy

                Practice Information  



            Central London W1 in South Molton Street 

            NW London in Kenton, Harrow


                Ruth Cohen accepts for treatment over 16 years old individuals, couples and families. Her clients

come from all walks of life, nationalities, religious and races. Ruth Cohen is registered with

AXA PPP, Cigna, WPA, AVIVA and most other healthcare providers as a provider of evidence based

psychological therapies, principally CBT and EMDR.


Clients may be referred by variety of sources. Those may be psychiatrists or other mental

 health professionals, GPs or other healthcare professional, healthcare providers, insurance

 companies, solicitors, nationwide healthcare providers, organisations, employers, or self



Ruth Cohen accepts face to face and telephone and video link referrals from all over Greater London

and the UK and she provides consultations by telephone and video link to clients from all over the world.


So how does it all work? 

Ruth approaches her work creatively and uses a biopsychosocial holistic model together with a

collaborative, warm, client-centred, empathic style.


It is always paramount that an in-depth initial assessment is carried out before a course

of therapy is agreed. During the initial assessment the vital information about the nature of the

problems, background, history, others involvement and maintaining factors are gathered.

This is a collaborative endeavour that enables Ruth and the client to come to an understanding

on the kind of the problems to address and the course of therapy most suitable for the individual.


Subsequently, Ruth will offer the client a tailor-made person centred therapy programme that would be designed

to meet the individual specific needs. Clients may be offered a course of CBT interventions, EMDR,

or cognitive behavioural coaching as either standing alone or integrated package. All treatments

are charged at an hourly flat rate, therefore the cost of treatment programme would be similar in

all combinations regardless of what  programme package is offered.